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Survey equipment for ground control points.

I finally realized a need to acurately define ground control points. I understand that a consumer grade GPS ( 3 to 10m accuracy) is not enough. I was told that for photogrammetry I need 2 to 10cm accuracy.

I need advice on adequate entry level GPS system to define ground control points.

So far my limited research brings me to Trimble R6. However, it is 3 pieces (base rover and data collector), big box and about $8000. It is a bit overwhelming. Ideally it would be 1 piece.

Please, share what you are using or what you believe is an optimal system.

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I’m trying to figure out the same thing. I’ve come across these sites that may be helpful but it would be nice if someone from pix4d or anyone else would chime in with some ideas.


Hi Dennis and Richard, 

There is a post on that subject with many references, I invite you to post your comments there: 

This will make sure that all the knowledge is at the same place and is easier to find. I will set the status of this post to Answered and will close it for comments. Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile: See you on the other post!