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Is there a recommended terrestrial GPS model experienced Pix4Ders use to generate GCPs? I see survey grade GPSs costing anywhere from $1000 to $5000 USD.

The higher the accuracy of the GCPs, the higher the accuracy of the Pix4D model. Most handheld GPS units are not much help - I would recommend having your GCPs surveyed with a survey-grade GPS units, either an RTK unit, or VRS at least.

Can anyone speak to entry level survey-grade GPS units? Which ones that will do the job, without having to mortgage the farm?



See my post on RTK GPS:


A $2,000 RTK kit is available here: 


If you have a Virtual Reference Network in your area, you may get by with 1 receiver.  


Thanks Ryan. The boards look pretty intimidating. Didn’t get any hits on YouTube regarding process process.


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