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Surfaces I've added are lost when reloading project

Hi, I have added a number of surfaces to help improve a 3d model, it took ages! Now after saving and reloading the project the next day thos surfaces are no longer in the ray cloud. They are listed in the layers section and selected, when I click on any of the surface objects the point displayed in the properties panel is the same point on the model for all. Is there anyway to get them back? How do I prevent this from happening again?

Hi Adrian,

Could you attach the screenshot of the rayCloud view together with the layer tab in order to get an overview of the situation?

If the MTPs are still present, you can use them again when drawing the surface as the line will be snapped on already existing points. 



Here is a screenshot. All the mtps are present in the layers panel but do not display in the raycloud anymore. It seems all the surfaces have been bundled up into a small globe above the main model, I have circled this in red.

Thank you for the screenshot, now I can better imagine the situation.

Did you perform some adjustments or processing after the surfaces (MTPs) were defined? For example, did you reoptimize or reprocess the project?

I did not re-optimize but I did generate the 3d textures from the Process drop down menu.

 @Adrian, we did not manage to reproduce the issue you are referring to and would recommend that you try drawing the surfaces again. 

In case that you encounter a similar issue again, please let us know so we can have a closer look.