Stretched Pixels when portrait

For some reason, when a picture comes in with portrait orientation (Sony A6000), I get odd, pixel stretching when I zoom in. landscape pics zoom fine. portrait pics are fine, until I hit ~80% zoom, then it snaps wide.

screen grab is of a source picture that has ~0.7inch GSD, looking at an AeroPoint.

this is PPK, so I don’t dare just rotate the images…
Ideas? causes? solutions?


Would it be possible to share some images, including your GCPs?


Here’s a raw picture.

here’s what I would expect to see in Pix.



expectation from portrait:


Would it be possible to share via an external drive (dropbox for example)? The images shared here are compressed, hso I can’t import them correctly to PIX4Dmatic.

Thank you,

Thanks, I reported to our devs, and they will have a look.

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