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Strange stripe patterns after reoptimizing


I ran into a very strange issue while georeferencing some projects.
After step 1 (to check if images are sufficient for modelling) I import GCPs, manually reference them in GCP basic editor and then start to reoptimize.

After reoptimization the tie points show this strange stripy pattern

The dimensions and everything appears to be accurate but only after restarting step 1 the stripes are gone again.

Any ideas what causes this and what I could change to avoid it?


Hello Simon, This happens when there is a big shift in the coordinate system. For example, when you are using the arbitrary coordinate system for output or GCPs and your raw images are in WGS84. If that is the case, you have to reprocess step 1, again and it should be good.

Thanks for the information. Do I need to reoptimize or can I just start step 1 directly? This would save a bit of time - the projects always make a great shift from arbitrary to WGS84.

You have to reoptimize and then only reprocess step 1.