Strange flight pattern after initial processing

Good day,

in the quality report after processing I saw a strange pattern with regard to my flight path:

The flight was planned and executed with the latest version of Pix4Dcapture on an iOS (including the pausing and resuming function already). So the flight had 2 breaks in between to return back home for a battery change. Whenever I load the images into Pix4D, the flight pattern is immediately correctly shown (left side of picture). After initial processing, however, there are really strange lines (right side of picture…flight paths?!) that were 100% not flown in reality (also not when pausing the flight for returning home). What causes this pattern after the first processing step and what does it do to the calibration? Just curious what it does as I need to fully understand the calibration process…results looked good though.


Hi Ekrem,

After processing step 1, the green lines connect the images based on their captured time, and so very likely the image ID (e.g. DJI0099.jpg follows DJI_0100.jpg). Note that this does not impact the calibration so you should not worry about it :).