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stitching offset solutions for power lines

I was trying to create an orthomosaic image from drone captured photos. The overlap between original photos are good, at least 60% front and about 20% side, however, the mosaic image has some offset along the powerlines, which is fatal for inspection purpose. I tried to edit the mosaic by mosaic editor, but it seems not an efficient way since I have a big area. The offset are randomly happened here and there, I couldn’t find anything regular. I attached a screenshot and my report.xml, which includes all parameters I used. I appreciate if you can review and give me some advises.

report.xml (13.6 KB)

Hi Fangda,

We have some recommendations in terms of image overlap, in order to generate an optimal 3D reconstruction. Please read our article here: How to verify that there is enough overlap between the images. I think that the offsets from the orthomosaic are caused by insufficient overlap.

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