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Starting Pix4DCapture

I am very new to photogrammetry, have flown two flights for practice.  I have difficulty connecting my Nexus 7 (2013) Android to Pix4D Capture.  I cannot get the birds-eye view of where I am intending to fly.  It appears I need to be in wifi range, create my flight profile, and only then can I go out and fly.  How can I make field alterations if not in wifi range?

During aircraft initialization, how do I monitor aircraft health?  Pix4DCapture shows on my tablet.  I use either Litchi or DJI GO for flight control, but if Capture is being used, I can’t figure out how to see what is displayed on either of these.

If I want to add photos to a project by manually flying, the only way I can get aircraft telemetry displayed is if I uninstall Ctrl+DJI (force stop doesn’t work), and then I can get the LItchi app to display.  Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

 I wish there were a detailed tutorial on the start up sequence.



Hello Scott,

Before taking off the app needs to connect to the drone to send to it the GPS position of waypoints that the drone will follow during the flight. Internet connection is not needed to start a mission. It is only needed the first time that the app is opened to get the DJI SDK, to log in the application and to display the maps in the background.

It is also important that DJI GO or Litch or any other flight planning application is not running at the same time as Pix4Dcapture, especially after connecting the device to the drone. The SDK cannot interact with both at the same time. During a mission with Pix4Dcapture the flight telemetry is displayed in the Map view or Camera view.

You can find detailed explanation about how to get started with the app here: