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smoother contour lines

is there a way to smooth out the contour lines a client was concerned about jagged lines compared to a traditional survey done with smooth contours.

will adjusting surface smoothing in step 3 effect contours generated from the DTM ?

Hello Ramiro,

Since the contour lines are based on the DSM and the DTM is based on the DSM. So the contour lines generated by the DTM, will also depend on the DSM. 

What you could do is to modify is the Processing options of the Contour Lines to make them smoother. 
To do so, 

  1. On the Menu bar > Process > Processing Options
  2. Click 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index and select the tab Additional Outputs
  3. In the section Contour Lines change the Resolution.
  4. Click OK.
  5. On the Menu bar > Process > Generate Contour Lines

Make sure you have processed Step 3 and the DTM is generated so that the contour lines will be based on the DTM. 

The Resolution defines the horizontal distance for which an altitude value is registered. 
You can adjust this value and the higher it is the smoother the contour lines will be. 

You will find all the analytical information here:


Best Regards, 

I have the converse problem

I have run a DTM generation, with a resolution of 5 x GSD (recommended values) - but the surface that comes from this is very rounded / soft - to such an extent that surfaces I am certain are horizontal, such as roads, have a significant rounding into a slope.

Are there any recommended parameters to control this? - it seems a little of a black box solution

I have read the paper on the Pix4D algorithm, I just don’t see much granularity of control for this in the settings


My alternative method is to use cloudcompare from the original and progressively use the CSF filter assuming steep processed slopes and resolution at varying values to remove vegetation / upstanding materials

I then re-raster this surface at a modest resolution to produce a lowest point per 0.5m grid say.

A bit time consuming



Unfortunately, there are no parameters that would control the smoothness algorithms. To better understand your case could you post here the quality report and a screenshot of the DSM vs. DTM?


Thank you,