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Sliding Scale Bar within a floating box should be considered.

I am an archaeologist using a couple of different drones to make models of things like prehistoric earthworks, mounds and historic buildings.  I have made many models with good success, and every time I show a model to someone two things happen.  First, they say, “that’s awesome”; then about three seconds later, they say, “what’s the scale”?  As archaeologists, and assume just about every other profession, images, videos and models aren’t very useful without a reference scale.  Having a floating scale bar that adjusted as the model moved would be a great addition to the software and propel the models from simply being cool or only useful to those manipulating it in the software, to something that could be useful to anyone.


Hello Jamie,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate very much users’ inputs on the software since they help us to continuously improve.

This idea is very interesting and we will pass your query as suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases. 

Best Regards,