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Groundwork balance (cut and fill methods)

The last (most important) suggestion from me (I hope you don’t have enough of me ;))

There is this function in Pix4Dbim, unfortunately it’s not good enough. The tabular combination gives some idea, but it’s not sure. There is an incredible lack of function to compare model to model and detect changes between them. Competitive software has it and uses it very well. Introducing this feature into the Pix4D package would be a breakthrough.

Judging by the name of the program (pix4Dsurvey) I had a quiet hope that the program will have this feature.


Thank you for the feedback. Adding this feature is currently not on the roadmap. However, your suggestion could have more weight if you collect more votes from other users.

I would recommend publishing this request on the category Feature Request/Suggestions.

Good luck!


Hey, I put this funky category Feature Request/Suggestions, but someone moved it

Hi Maciej,

Sorry for my misleading answer. Our team has recently restructured the feature request category and moved all the feature suggestions to each of the products they refer to. I recommend going to the product category: if you cannot find your previously published post, I recommend creating the post from scratch.