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Shooting a Moving Target

Has anyone attempted to acquire data on a moving object? I’m interested in modeling boats tied up to a dock that could potentially be shifting back and forth depending on wind and wave action. I don’t anticipate the boats would be moving more than a few inches.

Hi Brandon,

This is an interesting question. I wonder what Pix4D people would say. To my experience, you should be able to map an object that moves slightly. I can not tell if few inches could be considered as tolerable movement. Any commend from Pix4D?

Interesting question. Last night I was processing a data set in which I happened to be captured in 2 different places.
So when I run the DCP I show up twice. It all depends on your settings also. I also think in your case the date could be very noisy.

Hello Brandon,

Since the water does not have a lot of features, the features obtained will be related to the boat.

If the geolocation is very precise, then it may produce a model with a lot of noise.

What we suggest is:

Take images of the boat with 90-95% overlap, smooth transitions in the angles when moving around the boat, and take images in only one flight, doing spirals around the object at 2 altitudes and finishing where you started so the cirlces are completed.

Add a lot of manual tie points and mark them in several images.

Try processing without geolocation.

For a large object it may be very difficult.

Please let us know the results since we have never tried it and it could be interesting for other users,

Looking forward to receive news from you,

Any updates on the outcome of your project @Brandon Mattox?

No luck testing it yet. I was hoping to get to a vessel yesterday but tropical storm Bill had other plans.

I’ll try and post my project when I collect some data.