Single Point Measurement with vidoc in an arbitrary coordinate system

Hello Pix4D Team,

in your latest catch version you included the ability to mark gcps within the app to increase accuracy of an scan. That feature is amazing for our construction sites.
Currently you cant assign a site localization to a single point measurement. So we are not able to measure our gcps with a correction of the arbitrary coordinaten system. This is possible with a androidsystem but why not with ios?

This is a very important feature for the german market, since almost all bigger construction sites work with a arbitrary coordinate system.

Kind Regards,
Anton Schlei.

Dear Anton Schlei,

Site Localization is available on both platforms: Site Localization - PIX4Dcatch
On Android, you can do that more easily, for iOS first you need to define the local positions and the global positions separately, then you need to link them.


Dear Bence Molnar,

I think you misunderstood the problem. I want to assign a site localization to a point collection and measure new points so I get the local position of the new points.
Just as my linked articel states: "

It is now possible to import.png Import Points and measure new global points New_Point.png using the appropriate selection. Once a new point has been imported or measured, a corresponding local point will also be created."

This is currently only possible for android but why not for ios? This is a very important workflow on site.

Kind Regards,
Anton Schlei.

Is there an Update to that topic? As mentioned currently its not possible to measure single points within an arbitrary coordinate sytem on iOs.

Dear Anton Schlei,

Currently it is not possible on iOS to measure single points in an arbitrary coordinate system.
The product team has been notified about your request.

Best regards,