Single (or few) point exporting from point cloud.


How to export one or few point from point cloud? I need just a part of cloud to use in CAD.


I do this all the time…export just a few, special points.  Edit the point cloud and classify them as a new group and then just export that group as a new filename.

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Hi Vilius,

Take a look at the video below;




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Inside of the Edit densified point cloud option, Is it possible to select points one at a time as opposed to drawing circles around clutters of them? I only need a single point every 50’ down the center line of a road for example. When outside of the edit point cloud option, i can merely hold Ctrl down and pic multiple points but there is no way to export them. Ideally i would like to pick any random point,classify it to a group and export it. Thank you

Hello Brandan,

In order to export some points, you have to classify them first in a group and them export them.

More information can be found here.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for the reply daniel. Ive allready read the information you provided. My problem is in classifying the clouds. I cant find a way to select individual points to classify as opposed to tracing around multiple points. All of the tutorials say to left click around a group of points and right click to select them but never mentions picking them individually.

Hello Brandan,

Sorry, I did not have understood that you wanted to select individual points.

To do that, you have to zoom in and select the individual points by drawing a polygon around them on each point.

It is the same as selecting several points but with only one.