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Export point cloud divided using the classification


I classified a Point cloud, now i would like to export each one class in a las file. I think that is boring select one class at a time and export. Is it possible use a different procedure? 

Best regards


Gianluca Palmieri

Hi Gianluca,

After the point cloud classification is completed, it is possible to export an individual point class using the “Export Point Cloud” dialog:

If more classes are selected, then all of them will be exported in the same file. On the other hand, selecting only one point class, e.g. only “Building”, then only this class will be included in the file.

At the moment it is not possible to select multiple point classes and export them in multiple files at the same time. 


Except the disabled class is always exported. So if you preform cleaning inside Pix4D, it will need to be re-performed after export.