PointCloud classifying

I have a question while editing a point cloud.

When classifying a point cloud in pix4d mapper, can I check the classified properties in the file if I export it as a las file?

Hi @kim_minsu

Absolutely! When you classify a point cloud in PIX4Dmapper and choose to export it as a LAS file, the classification labels are preserved within the file. The LAS format supports storing classification information for each point, which means you can later view and use these classifications in other software that supports LAS files.

Here’s how you can ensure the classified properties are included when exporting your point cloud:

  1. After classification, go to the Menu bar and click on ‘View’ > ‘rayCloud’.

  2. In the left sidebar, under the ‘Layers’ section, right-click on the densified point cloud you wish to export.

  3. Select ‘Export Point Cloud…’ from the context menu.

  4. In the ‘Export Point Cloud’ pop-up, ensure that you select the LAS format for the export.

  5. Make sure the point groups you want to include in the export are selected.

  6. Choose the desired file name and location for the exported file by clicking ‘Browse…’.

  7. Click ‘OK’ to proceed with the export.

The exported LAS file will contain the classification labels for each point, and you can view these properties using any compatible LAS file viewer or GIS software.

Keep in mind that if you choose other formats like PLY or XYZ, the classification labels may not be included. The LAZ format, which is a compressed version of LAS, also supports classification labels.

I hope this clarifies your query about exporting classified point clouds from PIX4Dmapper. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out!