SHP export enhacements

PIX4Dcloud has improved the way the annotations are exported in SHP format.

  • They are exported both in WGS84 and project coordinate system.
  • Z value is kept in all types of annotations.
  • All files are named using the name of the PIX4Dcloud annotation layer.
  • All annotations are unique elements.

PIX4Dcloud users can easily export their annotations and open them in any GIS software.

The way the SHP exports works is as follows:

Given a PIX4Dcloud project with the following annotation layers:

The global export in SHP format will generate two ZIP files in the downlod folder, one in WGS84 and one in project crs:


Some GIS software packages like QGIS suppor the ZIP file directly.

Each of the ZIP files will contain 12 files for each of the annotation layers:

More information: How to export annotations.

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