Sharing option on the folders

We subcontract out projects to drone pilots from all over the world it would be a major benefit for them to upload the aerial images directly to our account

Would it be possible to create a sharing option on the folders so partner companies can upload captured aerial images directly without you either having to share your username and password (Not good) or them having to dropbox/google drive you the aerial images and then you having to upload the images (this is pretty time consuming and feels like the above request would make a massive difference)


Hi @ciaran.mcallister,
Thanks for your request.
Good news! This is on our roadmap and will be available for our users later this year :slight_smile:


Hi Alice,

Just checking in on the above. Would you have a vague timeline on the feature request? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @ciaran.mcallister

The feature is still on our roadmap for the end of this year but I cannot share an exact date at the moment.

No probs thanks