Ability to Share a Folder of Projects to clients with multiple Sites flown regularly

To give clients with multiple sites the ability to view them in one place would add lots of value to Cloud for us. Being able to share a folder of projects would be the perfect to achieve this.
Help to get this achieved would be appreciated so vote if you agree please

Hello @mark5

Thanks for your feedback.

We are currently working on offering a solution similar to what you ask for for enterprise users. We hope that very soon we can make it accessible.

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Hoping this is still moving along. We have numerous clients with multiple sites and sharing a link to a folder would be huge. Having to send multiple links, or having numerous unlabeled datasets in a site is not the best workflow.

Hi @chrisk, progress is being made on making it possible to more easily manage access to datasets and sites.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more information at the moment about the project’s progress or timeline.

You can count on us to share when you can start sharing data with clients more easily.

Thank you for your patience and for voting on this feature request.