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I often need to inspect line feutures I have drawn some second before.

How can I avoid to insert by accident a new (unwanted) vertex on that line when clicking on it ?


Hi Tibor,

To select a polyline without having a new vertex, you need to be in selection mode.
This can be enabled by clicking on Simple Selection (or simply type S).


You might need to first click somewhere else.

  1. Create the line using the polyline tool
  2. Finish the polyline marking the last vertex with the right mouse button
  3. Press S on your keyboard and left-click on any point of your project (except the active polyine)
  4. Left-click on the polyline just created

Let me know if this helps.


Once a polyline is selected, it seems that clicking the line again will insert a new vertex, even if we’re still in Simple Selection mode, right?

I think that locking the layer that the polyline is on will not allow you to add more vertices. @tibor.vari this might be the solution you’re looking for.

@tibor.vari @charles.rawls,

As long as a polyline is selected, a new click on it will create a new vertex. To select the line again, you need to first select something else in order to unselect the line.
In any case, this will bring you to the same state where you are as soon as you complete a line with the right click.

Polyline Selection.mp4 [video-to-gif output image]

If you want to inspect the vertices, just press S after you complete the line, and you can inspect the vertices:

point inspection.mp4 [video-to-gif output image]

Let me know if this helps.