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Scaling in Pix4D demo version

Hi all.
I’m working with PIX4D demo version. I cannot get polyline, area or volume measurements displayed. I’m using geo tagged photos, and I’ve already tried changing the coordinate system to relative in meters, and setting two manual GCP with known distance. But still Pix4D software doesn’t show measurements on my objects. Anyone knows if this is a limitation of the demo software? or I’m missing something?


I think that if you have a Discovery you cannot measure any object. If you are in Discovery you will have a grey icon in the top left side of the UI. In this case you should ask for a trial.

Dear all,

Indeed, if you are in Discovery mode, you cannot perform any measurements. Discovery is an out of charge version, without time and image limitations, but with output limitations.
For more information:

In order to find out if you are in Discovery mode, click Help>About…

When you feel ready to generate outputs, you can ask for a 15-day trial and have full access to the Pro version of the software.
For step by step instructions:

For more information, feel free to contact our sales team at

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