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How to measure Distances, Areas on 2D map like [mosaic editor]


Hello, my name is Seiichi Takayama.

I want to know howto meeasure distances and areas. (Not volume), on desktop (Not cloud).
Pix4D cloud can measure distances and areas at 2D mode and 3D mode, I know.

But I don’t know how to measure distances and areas on Pix4D mapper’s [Mosaic Editor].
[Ray Cloud Editor]'s “New surface” function can measure lentgh and area, but not so useful.

I want to know how to measure distances and areas on Pix4D mapper at desktop.

Best regards.
Seiichi Takayama

Hi Seiichi,

In Pix4Dmapper Desktop, you can perform measurements of various objects in the rayCloud. Please add polylines and surfaces as explained in this article: Menu View > rayCloud > Left sidebar > Layers > Objects.


Hello, Teodora Enache
Thank you quick reply.

[Ray Cloud Editor]'s [Polyline] and [Surface] are the solution of this topic, I understand.

Is there any function on [Mosaic Editor] ?
If I know only 2D-projected length and areas, it is useful to operate on 2D maps.
I should hope to future update ?

Best regards.
Seiichi Takayama

Unfortunately, these measurements cannot be performed in the Mosaic Editor. However, we appreciate your feedback. Your suggestion will have more weight if you share it on our Community and collect more votes from other users.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Go to the category Feature Request/Suggestions.
  2. Log in or create an account, if you don’t have a Pix4D account yet.
  3. Look for the feature you are interested in. Someone else might have already asked for it. If such request doesn’t exist, create it as a new topic.
  4. Vote for it.
  5. Done, your vote is counted!
  6. You can manage, follow-up or even remove your vote(s) if you change your mind.


Hi, Teodora
Thank you quick reply.

I understand distance and area measurements cannot be performed in the Mosaic Editor.
I will vote Feature Request.

Thank you.

Seiichi Takayama