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Safe Mode with iOS with the Parrot Anafi

Im trying to find the safe mode on IOS  in pix4Dcapture while flying the Anafi but can’t seem to find it, has this feature been removed, or is it just not available on the anafi or at all anymore

Hello Karl,

The Safe mode functionality is not implemented for the Anafi yet. I will share your feedback with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it in the future.


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Hello Gael

Thanks for the reply and the feedback to the developer team. Without the safe mode am i right that if i lose signal the anafi will continue the flight plan but not take the pictures.

Hi Karl,

Yes, you are right, in Fast mode, picture triggering relies on the connection with the drone, which is not the case in Safe mode.
For a similar flight, The Safe mode will take a longer time to fly the mission as every single waypoint is uploaded to the drone and the drone will stop at each of them to trigger the picture.