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ricoh theta s

Trying to use photos from camera ricoh theta s and permanently displays the following error 'Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated camera '.
It is something that I do right;

Has anyone any idea ?

I have the same problem ! 

Hi fabio The solution is :

1) installing the application for windows from site  the ricoh ( , download basic app)

2) upgrade to the last firmware

3) each picture must be converted to JPEG with XMP (writh with top/bottom correction)

After that, no problem

The solution did not work for me. I still got the same problem. Updated the Theta S to Version 1.62 and converted pictures to JPEG with XMP. No clue what to do.


The biggest problem with the images from the Theta sIt is the overlap.

Someone thinks that there is a large overlap, while this is not true.
You need very dense shots. my experience says it needs taking per 1 to 2 meters long.

Converting may be the next step prior to processing, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

[UI]: New Project clicked.

[Processing]: ProjectLoading

[Processing]: ProjectLoaded

[UI]: Processing Start clicked.

[Processing]: Step1Running

[Processing]: Substep Keypoint extraction started.

[Processing]: Gather image information

[Processing]: Generate normalized/thumbnail images

[Processing]: Computing keypoints

[Processing]: Write Keypoints.

[Processing]: Substep Keypoint extraction finished.

[Processing]: Substep Keypoint matching started.

[Processing]: Generating pairs

[Processing]: Computing matches

[Processing]: Write matches.

[Processing]: Write matches.

[Processing]: Substep Keypoint matching finished.

[Processing]: Initialize automatic tie points.

[Processing]: Building automatic tie points.

[Processing]: Substep Camera calibration started.

[Processing]: Analyse automatic tie points.

[Processing]: Analyse automatic tie points.

[Processing]: Compute number of matches.

[Processing]: Initialize calibration

[Processing]: Initialize calibration

[Warning]: No initial frame

[Error]: no blocks computed

[Processing]: Substep Camera calibration finished.

[Error]: No calibrated cameras.

[Processing]: Substep Report generation started.

[Processing]: Read keypoints.

[Processing]: Substep Report generation finished.

[Error]: Error e0046: Processing failed. No calibrated cameras.

[Processing]: ProjectLoaded

From our experience, the overlap is the tricky part. As Efthymios pointed out, one thinks that there is a large overlap, while this is not true. You need very dense shots.

For your reference: How to process Images of a Spherical Camera