Reuse ROI (Region of interest)

I wish I could apply the very same polygon to different sets of data:

Export a ROI from a project and import it to another.

good idea! we would like to look into importing .shp or .kml files for setting the region of interest too.
can you describe more in detail why you’d like to export from one project and import into another? e.g. do you map the same site multiple times?


  1. Calibrating images taken with drone from different height.

  2. Calibration images taken with a phone-viDoc combo from different angles

You could process the calibration of each project, then do the merging procedure in a new empty project (btw there will be new improvements for merging in the next preview). Then you could create the ROI in the merged project before processing the dense and following steps. Would that work?

Thanks for the suggestion !

I will look at it on the first opportunity.