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Restaurant in the Asturian mountains by Falcon Drones

Hi everyone,

Today, our 3D Monday feature brings us to Spain, to the Restaurant Bar Les Praeres, in Nava in the Asturian mountains:

Sketchfab link

This is the story of this model:

“The aim of this project was to create a virtual representation of the restaurant, for advertising purposes. Our goal was to capture not only the building itself, with high detail but its unique surroundings.

Due to this particularities, we decided to combine several flights and merge projects using Pix4Dmodel.

We had a grid for the surroundings, a circular for the building and we add a few free flights in order to capture details both from the facades and the trees.

First we created separate individual projects, then we merged them sequentially, adding one project at the time, until all projects were merged into one.

To merge the projects, we used manual tie points. No GCP were used in this work.

Technical Details:


  • Deviced used: Phantom 4 Pro

  • Image capture strategy: Double grid drone pattern, circular flight and 5 free flights.

  • Number of images: around 600

  • Software and processing platform: Pix4Dmodel using a desktop device.

  • Project editing: from 4 to 6 MTPs were use to merge each project to the next one. Processing area and manual point cloud editing were used to tidy the point cloud.

In Falcon Drones, we use Pix4D software, as it gives us a powerful and flexible solution that allows us to provide our services to a wide range of industries, from real estate to environmental research.” Juan Rodriguez, Falcon Drones R&D Manager

Enjoy the 3D visit and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team


Good job Juan! 

If I remember well that’s the model you showed me at the Workshop in Lausanne, nice to see it featured on the Pix4D community!