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Reprocessing for new outputs deletes old ones

I recently discovered how to import my models into Sketchfab and went back into some old project to generate the .FBX file. I unchecked all of the other outputs in the Processing Options and left only the Step 2, and Generate 3D Textured Mesh checked.  When the processing completed I had my FBX file, but my LAS file, DSM, Orthomosaic etc that I had generated previously were all gone from the project folder.  

Is this intentional or am I doing it wrong?

It is intentional for running the “Steps”, specifically in Step 2 it always makes a new point cloud and thus ALL outputs are wiped out.  If you simply used the pull-down menu to Generate 3D Mesh then the other outputs would not have been deleted.

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Thank you Adam!

Glad to help Tim…I have been there and done that, accidentally :)