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Removal of pixels by color?

Hey there, we are in Nevada and currently dealing with sagebrush removal issues right now. Sagebrush is a drab shade of greens/grays/browns and very close to the color of our high desert ground tones, so it is not effective to use the vegetation removal (it really only goes after things that are VERY green). My question is this- can I select individual pixels and ask the program to remove each one with that particular color? IE I grab “156” (which, let’s say is a color of grey/green that occurs in the brush but not in the ground) and turn each pixel off in the point cloud that has a color value of “156”

I had the same request. Using also this tool for classification after processing should be a much better solution for points classification

Hi Jim, hi Jorge,

Unfortunately, this is not something that our software does right now. I take notes of your needs and pass them to our Product Team.

You can find the official post for this request here: Selecting points within the point cloud by color would be great.
Feel free to vote for this feature (thumbs up on the post), so that we can better measure the impact that it has on our users’ workflows.
I will close this post for comments in order to gather all the necessary information on the official post.

Thank you for your suggestions!