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Reflectance values from panels

Imagery is collected with a RedEdge3 and stitched using Pix4D mapper. An area outside of the field shows reflectance values greater than one (sometimes it’s on a structure, building, or organic material like trees outside of the field). The area is always on the outside of the field, so it’s collected with very little overlap. Can this be ignored because it’s not in the field of interest? And how does pix4d calculate actual reflectance values from the raw imagery? 

Hi Richard,

You can draw a processing area if you want to ignore the edges. Have a look at this:

The pixels in the raw imagery are the radiance values which has added noise due to illumination and also the sensor. Pix4D corrects for these factors to get the reflectance pixel values from the radiance values. This will give you more details: