get reflectance data using undistored image

I am using pix4D mapper-educational (ver 4.3.33).
Data used Micasense, RedEdge-MX Dual.
After saving an undistorted image using “Save Undistorted Image”, process the image’s pixel value by itself, and then mosaic the image to obtain a reflectance value.

  1. How do I do this process?
  2. Is the undistorted image going through correction again when this operation is performed?
    Or is it skipped because the distortion was corrected before?
  3. During this operation, “Camera, Sun Irradiance and Sun Angle using DLS IMU” cannot be selected in “Processing Options” > “Index Calculator” > “Radiometry Process and Calibration”. (Error name: No sun irradiance information No sun sensor pose information No UTC time)
    We want the output value to come out as reflectance. How can I get it?


PIX4Dmapper estimates the distortion parameters for the camera during step 1, these parameters are used internally to undistort the images and continue with the processing, using these corrected images, there is no extra work to do on your side.
Regarding the Error, this is because your images lack the information in the EXIF about the sunshine sensor and the time that was collected, a firmware update might be needed, you will need to contact Micasense.



The original image has metadata (the sunshine sensor and the time and the location), but it disappears if the undistorted image is saved.
So, is it a camera problem that there is no metadata (the sunshine sensor and the time and the location) when saving an undistorted sensor?
If I save an undistorted image when there is no camera problem, is it saved with metadata (the sunshine sensor and the time and the location)?
Also, is there a process to extract and save the metadata (the sunshine sensor and the time and the location) of the original image?