Reducing the size of photographs to reduce processing times ... a viable way?

Hello everyone, I need a technical opinion. I have to make a photogrammetric survey on a chimney about 150 meters high 30 meters large. I have a mavic 2 pro set with shutter priority. I use this configuration because it allows me to adapt the aperture closure according to the light I encounter during the various orbits around the chimney. I did some simulations and I get about 3000 20mpx photos. with this workload, the processing will be much, too long. I was thinking of reducing the size of the photographs from 20 mpx to 12 mps, with external programs like fotoshop (as if I had surveyed with a mavic 2 zoom > 12mpx camera). In this way the workload is greatly reduced. but i have doubts: georeferencing are maintained? Will the reconstructed model be faithful to reality? I know that reducing the size of the photograph will cause me to lose some detail, but that’s not a problem.
Thanks everyone for any suggestions

Hi Mario,

I would recommend adjusting the image scale to something lower/quicker. This allows you to keep the images as is while reducing the workload/processing times. You can choose from 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8th.


Hi Jonathan…
Good news!!
By now I was used to leaving the processing at the 1:1 dimension that I had completely forgotten about this option! Thank you for your suggestion!
Good continuation