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Rapid Check

I will soon be buying a SenseFly UAV that has Pix4D included. I can’t find this answer anywhere but is Rapid Check a separate module from the full processor? I want to use the Rapid Check in the field on a tablet or notebook and then bring the RAW images back to my CAD capable PC for full processing. Is this the way the software works?

Rick, I believe so. The rapid check is for field use to verify the proper areas and coverage of data collection.

Rapid Check runs inside of Pix4D, and as I understand it, is an alternative initial processing system where accuracy is traded for speed. It processes faster in an effort to quickly determine whether sufficient coverage was obtained, but the result has fairly low accuracy.

In order to perform a Rapid Check, you install Pix4D on your field notebook AND your office PC. Rapid Check is not a stand-alone program.


I don’t see any option to do a rapid check in case of using a multispectral camera (eg Sequoïa) 

Please ignore it is possible now :