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radiometric target calibration

[Error]: Unable to compute radiometric target calibration for Sequoia_4.0_1280x960 (Green) with C:/Users/hp/Desktop/2018-12-13_Training sequoia-Field/Calibration/IMG_181213_121714_0000_GRE.TIF: No valid sensor pose


Are you getting the error “no valid sun sensor pose information”? You can use exiv2 or ExifTool to read the exif data in your images.It might be that the tag Xmp.Camera.IrradianceRelativeRotation is missing.

You can only use the sun angle correction if you have a known and fixed geometry between sunshine and camera body; that is why you are getting the error.  You can still use the correction Camera and Sun Irradiance; have you tried already with this one? Do you still get the error? 

You can also attach the calibration panel images (set of 5, all bands) here for us to have a look in depth. If you are writing a ticket to us at support, remember to attach the p4d file and the log file (and also the panel images).