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Radiometric correction for Parrot SEQUOIA


I cannot change to the other settings on Index Calculator tab. It says ‘Radiometric Processing and Calibration (Not available with this edition)’. I am wondering, which edition support the radiometric correction?

My Pix4D version is 3.3.19, Non-commercial license.



Hi Siline, 

You seem to be using a Pix4Ddiscovery license, which is the free version of the software. In this edition the step 3 of processing is not accessible.

If you would like to have access to these options and us them with a Sequoia camera, I would suggest to buy a Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dag license on our store, so that you have access to the Index Calculator:

Note that it is possible to ask for a Trial license before purchasing, here is how: 

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