Quantum-Systems Oblique D2M image loading issue

I have recently just purchased the Oblique D2M Camera. I have been trying to load the imagery into MATIC, but I get an error saying “Unsupported Camera Model”. These images are geotagged. I read that I could select “import image geolocations and orientations” but that option is only able to be used once images are in. I can load each image individually, but that would take for ever as there are over 7,000 photos. When I do load them one by one, they come into the right location, so I know geotagging is ok.
I also am able to load these photos all at once with PIX4DMAPPER, and it even recognizes the camera. We are having issues with mapper when processing these long narrow corridors, but not with Matic when we use a nadir only camera. I really need to be able to load these in MATIC do to its speed and ability to deal with corridors so much better. ANY ideas as to why it wont load???

Hi @Dan_Harmening ,

Can you share 1-2 images with us?
What is the version of PIX4Dmatic you are using?


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It sounds like it is related to the fact that the images have all the “rig” metadata, which is currently not supported in PIX4Dmatic. This has to do with the fact there are five cameras and it is configured as a rig. Essentially, there is embedded data that describes how the five images are triggered at the same time. The good news is that this camera is planned to be supported in PIX4Dmatic in the coming weeks.

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