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Project size Calc

I need some basic planning help. I am looking at getting a UASS and Pix4DMapper and need to know the number of images in a project that is;

Area 123Ha

GSD 4cm

Side overlap 70%

Front overlap 70%

The number of images from this project will help with what computer specs I need to run Pix4DMapper with this size project.

Thank you for anyone that can help


Hi Stewart,

We would need more information in order to answer your question. The thing is that there are two additional factors that need to be taken into account:

  • Camera parameters; sensor size (mm), resolution (pixel) and focal length (mm).
  • The height of the planned flight.

As an example, covering a 123Ha area, with 70/70% overlap at a height of 400 ft / 120 m (drone height limit in most countries) with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro would take approximately 700 images. 

To get more information about the overlap I would also recommend checking the Selecting the Image Acquisition Plan Type article to choose the optimal option.


Hi Blaz,

I will be using the M210 with the Zenmuse X4S

Sensor size 1 inch

8.8mm/F2.8 FOV 84°

Height of the planned flight - 120m

My supplier was taking longer than 2 secs to get back to me on this, so I thought I’d ask the web.

I did get a reply back within 30 mins, impatient me! And they said 600 to 800 photos, so both numbers are very close.



As your supplier mentioned, with the X4S camera around 800 images would be taken at the 70/70% overlap.

Since the area is quite big and might require multiple flights, I would recommend checking the following articles: