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Project List not working (crashes)


When I press “Project List” in the app the app closes immediately.

I found out that the space on the phone was almost zero. I deleted manually a few Pix4D projects to gain space. But it is still the same. Do I have to delete any log file or something to get the project list running again.

Some hints?

Thank you, Rainer

I decided to uninstall the app.

Now I have an other problem:

I put a sd card in the phone. I went to settings to choose the “Output directory”. In the list I chose “sdcard” and made a new directory. - But the directory is created somewhere in the system instead on the sd card.

I spent a while to find an explanation without success. I even bought a new Android phone with Android 6.0 but it is the same as on the phone with Android 4.4.4.

I wonder who can give me answer to that problem.

Thanks Rainer




Hi Rainer,

Thank you for your interest in our products. Pix4Dcapture requires space on the internal memory of the device to run. Then regarding the projects there are also saved on the internal memory by default but you can change the directory if needed.

To change the path of the directory go to the Home screen of Pix4Dcapture, tap Settings. In the section Advanced, tap Root directory path. Once you enter the new path, it will be set back to the default location in case it is not correct. Enter the path, press OK, then go the home screen, and go back to Settings. If your new path was correct, it should now be displayed.

If you want to change it to save the missions into the external SD card of the phone, the path towards the corresponding directory varies from one Android smartphone to the other. The standard path for Samsung mobiles should be something like: ‘’/mnt/extSDCard/’’
Pay attention to the fact that the path is case sensitive.


Thank you for the tip. The problem was the incorrect path to the sdcard. It was not “/sdcard/” as I assumed.