Pix4D Capture, Problems with android SD Card


In Pix4D Android App, I go to settings and then Root (to change syncing photos directory) and I would like to change it to SD CARD, because on my Device Main memory i dont have enough space, but the app doesnt allow me to do so, any suggestions?


Hi Lado,

If you want to change it to save the missions into the external SD card of the phone, the path towards the corresponding directory varies from one Android smartphone to the other.

The standard path for Samsung mobiles should be something like: ‘’/mnt/extSDCard/‘’
Pay attention to the fact that the path is case sensitive.

Hope it helps :).

Dear Julie,
I Have note 4 version 6.0.1, my SD Cards name is 0000-0000 which is located in /storage/0000-0000 directory. I have only internal storage in /mnt directory. Is there anyway to give permission for this app to write on SD Card? Maybe you could fix it in later update or maybe there is any other way?


Dear Julie,

I have Note 4. In my /mnt directory there is no SD CARD, my SD card location is in /storage/0000-0000, so when i ask Pix4D app to save files to that folder I get the above mentioned error. Is there anyway to allow app to write on SD CARD?



Sorry, after checking with the developers, it is actually not possible to change the Pix4D directory to a folder that is stored in the SD card. This is related to some Android permissions that were recently changed. Currently you can only select another folder in the internal memory of the device.