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Processing a 600 sq km area

Dear Team,

Is it possible to process a map of 600 square kilometers in Pix4D and secondly what sort of hardware would i require to process a map of 600 square kilometers? Approx image count would be 360,000.

It would be great if you could help me with some data.




The number of images that can be processed with Pix4D Desktop is variable and depends on multiple factors:

  • Pixel resolution, image size
  • Level of details, spatial resolution, also called ground sampling distance (GSD): Ground sampling distance (GSD)
  • Image content, number and complexity of features
  • Selected processing options and outputs
  • Capabilities of the available processing resources (hardware specifications)

All the details regarding the aspects to take into consideration when planning to process a big dataset can be found here:

We also offer some relevant use cases such as this one:

You can also watch our webinar related to mapping large areas with drones:

There are several example datasets which we provide for the users to play with the software, but their size is quite limited: