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Problems to generate DTM

Greetings. I'm having a problem with DTM generation. I have already edited the cloud of points, 

I saved the file, but when I generate the DTM, there are deformations caused by points that I have already deleted. 

I look at the triangular mesh and it looks all normal, but the DTM is incoherent with the mesh I see. What can it be?
 ![]( mesh


Hi Daniel, I had the same issue. The easiest way I found is to save your results of DSM in another file first. Then classify all the points your not going to use into DISABLED. Only leaving Ground and Road surface activated. After that you re process step 3. In that way you are going to have another DSM and DTM based on those 2 items, so your contourn lines will come cleaner.

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Obrigado Victor.

Eu estava fazendo o seguinte:

1-Editava a nuvem

2-Salvava o projeto

3-Gerava outra malha

4-Gerava outro DTM

Vi que assim não funciona. Precisei refazer todo paço 3.

Mas porque este meu procedimento não funciona?


Eu fiz os mesmos passos que você e eu tivemos o mesmo problema.   
Não sei por quê. O que ainda estava aparecendo no dtm era a vegetação alta tambem, PARA MAIS QUE ESTAVA DESATIVADO   
mas você pode tentar o método que eu digo.   
classifique os pontos que você não quer como DESATIVADO para reprocessar o passo 3.

Justamente Victor. O seu método funciona, funcionou comigo.


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Dear all,

Victor is right! For the moment, the way our algorithm is developed requires step 3 to be reprocessed. I know it is not very user-friendly. We are doing our best to improve workflows and processing time :slight_smile:

When reprocessing step 3, all outputs of step 3 are overwritten, so I recommend to save the DSM and orthomosaic in a different folder before reprocessing.