Poor quality upload from Matic.

The quality and resolution of orthos and 3D meshes is significantly impacted when uploaded from a processed project in Pix4dMatic. Is there any way to improve the quality of a hosted project? Roof lines, facades, resolution and general quality overall is pretty poor in comparison to what I see in the desktop software and clients aren’t too happy with the results they see on their end… any help would be greatly appreciated!


Would you contact support and create a ticket with the projects where there is a quality loss with respect to what you see in Matic?

On another note, the latest PIX4Dmatic releases have included several changes and improvements in the Share to cloud feature which should improve the visualization. I would recommend to use the latest version for the upload to cloud.

Thank you very much.

Hi Daniel,

I will create a ticket and submit screen shots of the quality degradation. I am currently using the latest Matic release…