Ortho looks nasty and has lot of noise around the roof edges in Matic

I have attached a link that has ortho images of 3 projects i have done. I have noticed in all 3 of them the roof edges are wavy and looks nasty. I have highlighted the issue as a kms file in Proj 1. I have tried by capturing with lower altitude and changing overlap as well. All of them have this issue. Can pix4d team fix this issue so i won’t lose clients. I was told the update might come soon. It’s been over 2 months and nothing came out to fix this issue.

Hi raya,
I would use the Map template along with the Standard pipeline. That should create a better point cloud and, as a result a better orthomosaic.

It still hasn’t produced better results, Mike. This is an issue Ms. Rosanna Lin has reported to the dev team. Will they fix this?

Hi Narendranath,

As we discussed in the support ticket in detail, just sharing a general tip with everyone when taking images in urban areas.

The reason behind using a double grid image acquisition plan is so that all the facades of buildings (north, west, south, east) are visible on the images.

For the facades to be visible, the images should be taken with an angle between 10º and 35º (0° - the camera is looking down).


This way, the area of the dead angle is reduced as much as possible. Using a sing grid mission may not be enough in most cases.

This article explains the recommended overlap, image acquisition plan, and tips based on various of area types:

Step 1. Before Starting a Project > 1. Designing the Image Acquisition Plan > a. Selecting the Image Acquisition Plan Type - PIX4Dmapper

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)