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Overhanging roof artefacts in orthomosaic

Hi guys

Have mentioned edge artefacting and this related problem has also been annoying since pix4d released.
Most buildings have roof that extend a portion beyond its walls and pix4d handles these surfaces terribly in DSM generation and orthomosaic. It seems the software tries to directly triangulate the roof with the terrain below and it results in an extremely jagged edge that is very visible in the end product.
There is a labor intensive workaround to manually draw surfaces or edit in orthomosaic editor but this problem really should have been adressed by now.
It cant be that hard to instruct the software to prioritize the higher surface and edge detection should be possible to further improve these results.

Product development seems to have grinded to nothing except a few minor bug fixes.
The maintenance fee seems to add no value for the costumer.

Hello Martin,
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.
As you already mentioned, the best way to fix the issue is to use the Mosaic Editor, which is designed especially for cases like the one you mention:

I am passing your feedback to our product team.

The best way to fix the issue is to actually fix the issue and implement it to the expensive software.

Just asking paying costumers to deal with the workarounds is not helping anyone and will push your costumer base away.

Hello Martin,
Thank you for the feedback. I have transferred it to our product teams.

Initially I could not recommend pix4d enough to peers, but now I do so with the huge caveat that the product development is dead and will eventually be worthless.

What are your development plans for pix4d mapper and what practical improvements and innovations to the software have you actually delivered the last years?

Hello Martin.

Thank you for your feedback. Rest assured that I transferred it internally.

Here you can find a description of all Pix4Dmapper releases:

This blog post highlights the improvements of one of our latest updates:

Any new useful features or features based on costumer suggestions?

All I can see is bug fixes and compatibility updates, this is not product development.