Poor basemap quality in Pix4DMatic

Hello everyone. Anyone knows why the difference in basemap quality in Matic vs Mapper?. It can improve?

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Hi aer,

The basemaps are delivered by an external provider and are mainly used for reference. Here is a screenshot comparing the same area with PIX4Dmapper (left) and PIX4Dmatic (right).

Despite showing the exact same scene, some resolution and color differences exist. Unfortunately, this is outside of our control and depends on the basemap provider. Nevertheless, we have been in touch with them about this issue to find a solution. Could you share with us if the resolution difference of the basemap impact the project crucially? Could you provide me the coordinates of your project area to reproduce this issue?

Meanwhile, I suggest you can the Map base map (attached image).

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Rosana (she/her)

Hi @aer

PIX4Dmapper uses Mapbox as provider and PIX4Dmatic Maptiler, that explains the difference.
Maptiler is a smaller company and is still growing their satellite data pool. We have been feeding them feedback on areas that need a better quality. Can you indicate locations (even approximate) of where the map quality is lacking? That way I can forward that to the provider. Note: last time I reported such an issue to them, they said they’re preparing a big update, so I’m hopeful to have better base maps soon!

Covered in another. rather that duplicate, linking to the same problem. If you’re able to show me the boundaries of the property in the blur, happy to draw the Region of Interest

i have been having a similar problem throughout New Zealand, the Quality of the basemap is so poor i cant even make out features in Matic. Mapper is good Quality.
Located in the Hawkes Bay region, New Zealand

Hi @Willem_Heesterman,

Thank you for your message and for sharing the location of the area affected by the issue.

Starting with PIX4Dmatic v1.53.0, we were able to provide better basemaps.
Can you please verify with the new version if the issue still persists?
Please provide a screenshot and a coordinate set if this is the case.

Thank you,

Thank you, problem is solved & quality is better thank you