Point cloud holes in building uniform vertical surface

Hi All, I’m working on a 3d mapping of a large and complex building, I fly mavic 3 and took 1017 photos and 10 GCP aquired with RTKGPS + 3 as control point , half of the images are vertical (nadiral) with 80% or more of overlap, the rest are orbitals at two different height and camera tilt . Orbital overlap is in average >70%.
On one side of the building (the shadow side) I have some wall surface that are quite uniform and I’m not able to get enough points to correctly generate an acceptable looking mesh, for example on the building recess where there is no windows or other elements.

I tried different parameters on both step 1 and 2 but without any visible upgrade.

I attach the quality report and some screenshot of the point cloud and the images as example .
(I have more than 10 image of the portion of the building that have no points densified)

Any tips on the settings to have a better result ?

Thanks in advance


report.pdf (1.6 MB)
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I would advise flying with more overlap, mainly in that part of the building, and try to do it when the sun is direct, not from the back. With this you will be able to extract more features.