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oblique projects


I would like to model partial face of building that under construction. i will use that point cloud to see location and plumb of the wall. I had a free flight took 89 pictures with 90 and 45 degrees. first step is fine also i processed step 2 and got a good point cloud only to see result. I need to get my point cloud in my local coordinate system so i turned to step one and i added my GCPs which i marked on the face of the wall. Result is not good, gcps never match properly also tie points model at ray cloud was in strange orientation. So my question is; there is no way to model a flat surface with in coordinate system? 

Hi Yunus,

It is possible to map flat surfaces even if the GCPs are marked and defined in a local coordinate system.

Could you give me more information about how you measured and marked the GCPs? How many GCPs did you use and on how many images were they marked?

Could you share some screenshots that depict the issue? If you have the quality report, please upload it so I can have a look. 

Keep in mind that we recommend adding the GCPs and reoptimizing before processing Step 2. Else the results of Step 2. will be lost.