Walls in the point cloud

Hello everyone in the community;

we have surveyed last week an industrial area with the using Zenmuse P1, 70º camera angle, 1.0 GSD, 80%80% overlap and grid pass.

I would like to understand why the point cloud shows perfectly one wall and nothing from the wall perpendicular to it.

As you can see in the screenshot, the wall marked with the green arrow has been well reconstructed but the one marked with the blue arrow is completely empty. In my opinion both sides have been well observed from the camera has the flying route was good enough to allow the camera to point to them.

Any suggestions? TIA.

Hi @MiguelToril

Can you please share a view of the raycloud with the cameras enabled in the view?
It is possible that the wall was not visible in enough images to be modelized.

You might also try to select one point at the edge of the roof:

and then show me a screenshot of the raycloud showing the connections with the cameras (example below)


Hello @Daniele_Lecci, thank you for the feedback.

Find here the couple of screenshots you asked for. Hope they help you better to understand it. Do not hesitate to ask me anything else, if you require it.

Remember that the survey was done flying double grid with 70º camera angle.

Hi @MiguelToril,

Thank you for the additional screenshots.

It seems that, because the wall is in shadow, not enough tie points were found on that wall. Also, the 70° angle with your given flight altitude might not be enough to reconstruct the wall in these conditions.

You can find more information about buildings/city reconstruction here:

Hello again @Daniele_Lecci;
I will have a look on it. Thank you.