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Point Cloud editing selection problems


When I use a clipping box to isolate a group of points I wish to classify to a Point Group, I can’t seem to get the mouse click selection to correspond to the points I want.  Please see short animated .gif below:  As you will see, I hold Shift and click around the points I want…right away I see a “shift” from where I click my first mouse click and the white-colored selection polygon, when I complete the selection, the point selection is shifted.  What am I doing wrong?  I’m using Pix4D BIM.  Thanks,

Hi Michael. This is a known issue that usually occurs when there are multiple displays connected with different resolutions. Is this the case for you? Sometimes restarting Pix4D can resolve the issue. Does this happen every time in every project or only sometimes?

Hi Holden,  

Yes i was having this problem with a 3 screen workstation.  Once I closed and re-opened Pix4D, it resolved problem.  I only see this when using 3 screens.