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Hard to make polygons with Point Edit

When I´m cleaning the point cloud, the tool doesn´t work smoothly. While I create a polygon to select some points, many times I have to repeat the “click” 4 or 5 times. Its realy annoying after hours of work…
I´ve used the program with a few powerful computers with the same problem.
I expected this issue was solved on 2.0 version.
Does anyone has the same problem???
Thanks, Jose.

Hi Jose,

When editing the point cloud, the mouse needs to be perfectly static before clicking or it will be registered as a drag operation (which is not allowed while drawing the polygon).

Let us know if it doesn’t work with the mouse being totally static before clicking.


Hi Pix4D

Is there any way that this could be made an adjustable option in the settings? For example an option to make drag a different key combination? The requirement to have the mouse stop before a point is recorded has a HUGE impact on workflow.

Kind regards


Hello Nigel,

This idea is very interesting and we will pass your query as suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases. 

Thank you very much for your feedback, we appreciate very much users’ inputs on the software since they help us to continuously improve.

Best Regards, 

Very, Very Annoying.

Thx Nigel and Pix4D!

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This drives me ABSOULUTELY CRAZY. 

I have to click over and over and over again and it slows me down MASSIVELY.

I am used to editing VERY quickly in audio and video applications and it is INCREDIBLY slow to have to stop the mouse to click. Please Please Please find a way to fix this. 

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Hi Enaeria Inc,

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