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Editing point cloud: mouse sensitivity

Has anyone become frustrated with the “Edit Densified Point Cloud” tool mouse sensitivity?  

I have found that it sometimes takes 2-3 or 4 clicks each vertex while drawing polygons around points.  In a quarry environment, the Terrain / Object point cloud classification tools don’t work real well so I do a lot of manual point cloud editing.  (I understand the Terrain / Object tool is well intentioned, it just doesn’t work real well in my application.)  I draw hundreds of polygons while editing the point cloud to remove vegetation and equipment, and this multi-clicking is getting old.

Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the click?  I’ve noticed that if i stop the mouse, and wait about a whole second, then click, it usually works.  It slows down my work doing it that way.  

Any suggestions?

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Hey mate,

mine it works well. Did you change the mouse settings in your computer?

The terrain tool is beta that’s why is not working so well I guess. Can you record a video to show me?  


I have to agree with John. I have a similar issue. If the mouse pointer is in motion, even the slightest amount, it will not record my mouse click. Each time I have to move the mouse pointer, come to a complete stop and then click the mouse button. This slows down workflow massively!! I use several types of CAD / GIS / photo editing software and this is the only application that has this behavior.



Just found this post … 

Please fix! Having to have the pointer stopped completely creates SO MANY missed clicks. I bet it DOUBLES my editing time.

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Hi all,

I can understand your frustration. Your feature request is already passed on to our team.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.